Get the R-E-A-L, the correctly interpreted bible meaning now!


The ONLY R-E-A-L news- NEW on earth- is Jesus’ intended meaning clarified, in detail; all else has been previously ‘reported’, or written, by the spiritually uninformed, thus misrepresented, under different locations, dates and names.



Hi There!


If you’d like to know the point for humanity’s existence on earth and many, many more heretofore unknown answers to bible questions, go to


There you’ll find TheFig*** 1stfruit’s exclusive private site with the following wording:

***TheFig is the 1stfruit of the 2nd fig tree.

This site is marked private by its owner. If you would like to view it, you’ll need two things:

  1. A account. Don’t have an account? All you need is an email address and password — register here!

  2. Permission from the site owner. Once you’ve created an account, log in and revisit this screen to request an invite.

    • In order to be let in, you need to describe your study efforts of scripture allegory up to this point in a few short sentences. Only spiritual wisdom, which cannot be ‘bought, the true 24-Karat gold, is worth trillions!

      So, come and trillionize- for a small access fee.

If you already have the first one above, great!

Log in here

and then return to


The contents of this website are nowhere else on earth available.



FREEDOM is to be FREE from death by ignorance***, the fatal deficiency of the mind.


***Ignorance: the inability to recognize bunk and its vicious defense instead.



Religion‘ is the pseudo-worship of a to this day undefined, thus unknown God, which amounts to nothing but gossip

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